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 The Taste of Freedom!

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Lucy Love


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PostSubject: The Taste of Freedom!   Wed 7 Feb - 0:55

The cage rattle as she felt each bump of the road. The wagon that the cage was settled in was going down a dirt path to one the town. Green grass lined the area as they drove through a plain close by a forest. She watches as the treeline of the forest nearby rush passed the wagon. The clonking of horse feet lulled her to a sleepy state in her herb up mind. Earlier that day, they had to shove many herbs to calm her down. And now, she was too drugged up to even struggle to sit upright with her head resting in the palm of her hands that rested on her knees. Her golden eyes are dull with the loss of light that once was held in them. She glances up the beautiful sky blue sky with little white puffy clouds that strolled passed. A sadness rush over her which made her covered her eyes.

'I want to feel the breeze through my feathers. '

She had no energy to flee from these people, and her will to live on was coming close to an end. Her trust in people was what ended her up in this situation. Maybe, she trusted the wrong people and that is something she regretted dearly. She wanted to taste freedom if only for just a moment. Tears formed in her eyes, she quickly tried to rub them away while they flow down her face. She tried to quiet her sobs that escape her mouth from the slave trader.


She covered her mouth with her hands, but it was too late. The slave trader looked back at her and glared at the girl. He turned back around and yelled at her.

"Shut up back there."

The slave trader groans at her before whipping his reins to hurry up the horse. He mumbled something else under his voice before spotting the town ahead of them. He seems to let out a sigh of relief before forcing his horse to go faster. Once they got to the town, he stirred the horse to the black marketplace. He set up the horse near one of the stalls for selling mythical creatures. He went to the seller of the mythical creatures and left her unattended to inside the cart.

The buster of the marketplace had caught her golden eyes and made her observe everything going on. Sketchy people were looking through weapons and material that harbor around in this illegal marketplace. She was jolted out of her watching when she felt her cage being moved and turned to see the slave trader with some other guy picking her cage up.

"Hmm, she looks like a fine specimen."

The cage was put next to the other cages on a wooden platform. She gripped the bars as she watched the two men talk to each other. They both stood before her talking about the price.

"So how much?"

The mythical creature merchant digs into his pocket to pull out a pouch filled with gold. He

"1,000 gold coins."

A huffed escape the slave trader as he rudely glared at the man before him.

"That is a lot of coins."

The merchant looked wearily over to the girl in the cage before back at the slave trader. He watched the guy carefully as he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for what the man would say about it.

"She is an Elyona. Of course, she cost a lot of gold. Now fork over the coins."

He moved his finger over to the man who let out a deep sigh. Then, he fishes through the pouch and pulled out the right amount of coins to hand to the guy.


The merchant gave the man 1,000 gold coins before walking over to examine her. HE puts his coin bag back into his pocket and walked over to where her cage was. The slave trader got back on his cart and whipped his horse to go. She watches as he disappears into the crowd. The merchant poke and her with a stick to see if she was damaged in any spots. Other than a few scar on her body and the scar on her nose, she was just a little underweight which can be unpleasant for some clients.

"Just a few scar, hmmm, good to sell. A little underweight. I may have to feed her a little extra."

He goes over to his desk and pulled out some food that looked to be mash into a brown slob which looked disgusting. He slops it into a bowl before placing it before her. She would refuse to eat it, but she was hungry beyond relief and ate it with her hands. It tasted not as pleasant as it looks, yet she kept on eating it until it was done. He has given her some water to drank which she does a little bit before staring off into the distance. She notes that there was someone browsing around the town and heading toward the mythical creature area. A pulling feeling went through her whole body as she watches the person walk over.

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The Taste of Freedom!
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