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 The Elyona, Kaari

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Date d'inscription : 2017-09-03

PostSubject: The Elyona, Kaari   Fri 6 Oct - 3:17

Name: Kaari
Age: ???
Race: Elyona

Personality: Kaari is someone who is always outgoing and enjoys socializing with people. She is a curious creature who enjoys listening and learning from people. She can be naive because of her lack of knowledge of other races which can get her into all sort of troubles. Dancing is something she enjoys the most and can be found twirling around and humming her own music. She hates to see other people hurt and will do anything she can to help that person. She has no control over her mouth and says things that can be considered rude to others. She loves to explore which landed her cage up and being sold off at an auction place.

Physical/information: Kaari has medium cut pinkish red hair and has a ponytail on the side of her head. She has cat-like eyes which are line by black eye-liner. Her eyes are the same color as her hair and always makes her look like she is constantly glaring at people. As Elyona, they have the ability to look the most human in their form, so she has many of the same traits as other humans. She wears a short white dress that goes about mid-thigh. She wears no shoes as it feels foreign to her and has tied a black ribbon around her legs. She wears a gold medallion around her neck with a birds eye engraved in the middle. She has a few scars, but the one that cut across her nose is the most noticeable one. She is no way tall at all and stands around 5'2 with an extremely underweight body from the lack of nutrient she is given. She has decently size boobs for her body time. Elyona human form is not characteristic of their bird form at all and can come in any shape, gender or sizing. Elyona picks their gender at birth and stays that gender for the rest of their lives. Their no set record for how long an Elyona will live human or bird. Some die from a broken-heart or simply just vanish. They can be killed however by taking all the feathers or forced into a bond or kill by their bond. They can also die from rejecting healing themselves when injure.

In Elyona form, She is a giant bird with a wingspan of 24 feet long. She is a bright red bird with white feathers under her red feathers on her tail. She has golden eyes that shift depending on the light to a yellow color. She wears her medallion around her neck. Their white feathers shimmer when they are wet and can reflect and cause what many people call a rainbow effect during a rainy day. The Elyona have the ability to shed their feather during a full moon for their preening. They usually save the feathers or destory them because of their value. Bonded Elyona will gift their feathers to their bond partner. When a bond partner dies, an Elyona will either find a mate and settle down to teach young Elyona, or they will stay unbonded and try to help others. Since many are being killed, the Elyona have refused to mate and are a dying out race.

The race as considerably becoming more and more rare to see. They live on the highest mountain top or secluded areas away from civilization. Some has taken up looking human and living human lives as a way to protect themselves. Any children born from Elyona will either be full Elyona or full whatever their mate is. Mates can occur from a bond partner or chosen to help create more Elyona. Their healing ability is able to heal almost any wounds unless the victim is already too closed to death and no way in bringing them back. A legend is said that they can bring back the dead, but it is just that a legend. Elyona comes in 3 varied colors. Red, Blue, and Green. They are always a solid color with a white under the tail and some may have little design like lines or swirls on their end feathers. Their eye colors are always gold or a bright blue color. They can come in a variety of sizes which are always very big than a normal bird.

Elyona is fiercely loyal to their bonded and will do everything to protect them. In bird form, they will use their talon as a weapon against anyone who harms they're bonded. But in human form, they will use either a weapon or hand to hand combat. The older ones have the ability to tapped into their talons and summon them. Older Elyona is able to achieve better defenses than a younger one. Because loyalty, they will go to the extent by protective their bonded to their very last breath. Even when they are bonded betray them, they will still fight to protect them.

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The Elyona, Kaari
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